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Five Common Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofing offers a lot of advantages over other types of roofing materials. It’s attractive, very durable, impervious to water and insect damage, and fire resistant. However, metal roofing isn’t indestructible. It is likely that your metal roofing will need a few repairs over the course of its long lifespan. Common metal roofing repairs 1. […]

Is Fiberglass Roofing Right For Your Home?

There are so many material options for building, and it’s common to get confused at choosing between them. Fiberglass is just one option, and you may be considering it for your needs. There are many pros and cons to the use of fiberglass in roofing. Here’s a look to see whether it’s right for your […]

How To Maintain Stucco Siding

Stucco is a popular siding option that provides a natural stone appearance and a high degree of durability to your home. However, like all building materials, it needs to be properly taken care of to ensure that it remains strong and unmarred over time despite extensive weather exposure. Here are a few things that you […]