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Details To Know About Metal Roofing When You're Considering Installing It For The First Time

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If you’ve noticed homes in your neighborhood have attractive metal roofs, you might be wondering if metal roofing is right for your home. If you like the way a metal roof looks, it’s worth talking to a roofing contractor to learn as much as you can. Here are details about metal roofing you may want to know. Metal Roofs Aren’t Noisy If you imagine trying to sleep while rain nosily patters down on the roof, you’ll probably be surprised at how quiet a metal roof is. Read More»

Benefits Of Re-Roofing Your Home With A Second Layer Of Shingles

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If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the time will eventually come when it will need to be replaced. When that time comes, you will have to decide whether you want your entire old roof removed or if you want to have a second layer of shingles added to your existing roof. In many cases, opting to re-roof your home with a second layer of shingles can be a good option. Read More»