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How To Find Roof Leaks And Prevent Serious Water Damage And Costly Repairs

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Asphalt shingle roofs are the most affordable choice to roof a home, but they can also be a problem when it comes to leaks. If you neglect repairing a leak, it can lead to headaches with water damage or even mold in your home. This is why it is important to be able to find any potential leaks and repair the problems before they become very costly. Here are some things you can do to find potential leaks and stop them ahead of time: Read More»

2 Considerations When Selecting Roofing Materials For A Side Split Split-Level Home

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A split-level style home has staggered floor levels that create one taller segment, often with a hipped-style roof, and one shorter wing or segment that usually has a gabled roof. A side split split-level is where the wings are side-by-side in a way that both segments are facing the same direction, which is usually the street or driveway. If you have a side split split-level home and are undergoing roof repairs or replacement, there are some factors inherent to this architectural style that can help determine the best roofing materials for the project. Read More»

How Does Slate Roofing Compare To Conventional Asphalt Shingles?

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If you drive down the average street in the United States, you’ll notice that most homes are roofed with conventional asphalt shingles. But once in a while, you might see a home with a slate roof. Slate is easy to spot, with its natural stone tiles and slightly rustic appearance. If you’re considering re-roofing your own home, you might want to consider slate, too. Here’s a look at how it compares to conventional asphalt shingle roofing. Read More»

4 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

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All too often, homeowners overlook the condition of their roof, which is a problem because if there is a small sign that it needs repairs, you are looking at a larger problem developing in the new future. You should be able to point out repairs that are needed right away so that you can avoid having to deal with larger and more costly repairs. Here are four signs that your shingle roof needs repair: Read More»

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Materials For A Hipped Garage Roof

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Hipped garage roofs improve upon the classic lines of a gable roof with two extra sides and better weight distribution. A hipped roof does well in the elements and adds extra storage space to the top section of your garage. Like any roof shape, a hipped roof has cons alongside the pros. If your garage has a hipped roof in need of replacement, there are a few considerations to keep in mind while choosing materials with a roofing contractor. Read More»

Maintaining Your Clay Tile Roof To Get The Maximum Life From It

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Your house could get nearly a century of protection from your new clay tile roof. A little routine maintenance will keep it looking nice and free of water leaks. An annual inspection by one of the roofing contractors in your area will uncover any minor problems that could become major repair projects. Here are some of the other ways you can make sure your clay tile roof has a long life. Read More»

Preparing Your Home For Winter

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When the winter months are approaching, you want to do your best to protect your home from the damages that can come with freezing temperatures. This means providing the main systems in your home with proper maintenance. This article will educate you on the things that you should be doing to your plumbing, HVAC and roofing to ensure your home is ready for the winter season. Preparing your plumbing You want to detach and coil up any garden hoses, putting them up for safe keeping. Read More»

3 Roof Styles Best Suited For Metal Roofing Materials

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The words “metal roofing” might bring to mind a shed roof, but metal roofing manufacturing has come a long way and grown the popularity of this versatile roofing material. Metal roofing is low maintenance, durable, and can be tinted a variety of colors. The metal roofing tiles can also be cut to resemble other types of roofing shingles such as wood or asphalt. Choosing the right roofing for your home depends partly on the style of roof you have. Read More»

Comparing Flat And Turbine Roof Vents

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Roof vents provide an outlet for hot air to escape your attic, and for new, fresh air to flow into your home through intake vents located in your home’s eaves. Having proper roof ventilation can help keep your home cool in the summer, and can reduce the overall amount of moisture within your home, increasing your overall comfort level. The two most common types of roof vents are flat and turbine roof vents, which provide the same function but do so in different ways. Read More»