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Tactics To Prevent Tree Damage To Your Roof

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Trees may provide shade and look nice on your property, but they can be a major enemy to the roof. Everything from a falling branch to a collection of fall leaves could be the harbinger of a major repair. Preventative measures can help you enjoy both your trees and a sound roof. Prevention Tactic #1: Keep Them Trimmed The most obvious cause of roof damage is a broken limb puncturing the roof or knocking loose the shingles, but even an intact, rubbing branch can cause major damage. Read More»

Spring Is Almost Here! Is Your Roof Ready?

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Winter will soon be coming to a close! At this point, there’s no telling what the harsh conditions of the last several months have done to your roof. Once the snow melts and it’s safe to climb a ladder, you can finally inspect your roof and get started on some necessary maintenance. Clear Debris Debris tends to build up on rooftops and in gutters during the cold, windy winter. This is especially true of homes located on properties where nearby trees drop leaves at the end of the fall. Read More»

What You Need To Know About Metal Roofing

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It can sometimes seem like there are as many types of roofing materials as there are roofs in America, especially for the new homebuilder who’s already overwhelmed by paint swatches, blueprints, and landscaping decisions. But there’s a category of roofing that’s slowly becoming more and more popular, despite the sometimes negative publicity it gets: metal roofing. If you’re curious about this tried-and-true roofing material, then here’s what you need to know. Read More»

Taking Care Of Your Metal Roof

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Metal roofing has become popular because of its look and durability. You can expect to get from 40 to 60 years of life from a metal roof, says the Metal Roof Alliance. Here is how to take care of your roof to keep it in good shape for its maximum lifespan. 1. Don’t Stand on the Roof If you must work on the roof, be careful where you stand. Walk only on the joists and wherever there is a horizontal support structure or purlin. Read More»

Getting Your Roof Ready For Spring

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If you live in a part of the country that saw more snow this winter then they’ve seen in many years, there’s no doubt you’re looking forward to seeing your lawn again. Your roof would also like to see the light of day really soon, and you’re going to want to be ready when the snow starts to drip off your roof and flow down your gutters. From mold growth in your home to loose shingles, this article will give an overview on a few things to look for when you finally get the winter off your roof once and for all, and let your roof get its sunshine on. Read More»

Is Metal Roofing Right For Your Home? What You Should Know

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When you realize that it is time to replace your current roof with a new one, you may find yourself wondering whether metal roofing is the right option for your roofing project. While most people opt for the standard, traditional shingles for their residential roofing project, you prefer to explore all of your options before making a final decision. So, get to know some of the facts about residential metal roofing and the benefits that it can provide you and your home. Read More»

How To Remove Your Roof Overhang To Install A New One

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One of the most vital parts of your roofing structure is the roof overhang. This is the part of the roof that protects your home from water damage and excessive debris. However, the overhang itself is also at risk. Water and moisture can lead to deterioration of the roof overhang, requiring you to pull it down and install a new one. Here are some easy tips for removing a roof overhang and preparing for a new one. Read More»