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4 Questions You Likely Have About Metal Roofing

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Have you always wanted to have a metal roof on your home? Has the time has come to replace your existing roof? If so, it helps to know the following things about them so that you can be prepared for what to expect.

What Is Oil Canning?

Oil canning is an aesthetic issue that can affect some metal roofs that you should be aware of. It is when the material looks a bit wavy when looking at it from the ground level, which some homeowners want to avoid if possible. Oil canning can be reduced by taking care during the roof installation process, which involves being careful with the panels and how the metal roof surface is stepped on by the roofing contractors. The oil canning effect can be reduced by putting metal ridges in the roofing material, which can simply draw your eye to those lines. 

Is Metal Roofing Easily Scratched? 

You may be worried about a metal roof being scratched and what can be done about it. Many of the scratches that appear on a metal roof can happen during the installation as well, which is why it is always important to use professionals that know what they are doing. Things like dropping tools on the surface can cause scratches, but they can also be fixed by painting the surface to fix it. Once the roof is installed and nobody is walking on it, there should not be any real reasons why the material becomes scratched.

Can Metal Roofs Fade?

Much like any roofing material, it can fade over time from being exposed to the sun. This happens naturally and cannot be avoided, but can also be caused by low-quality paint that is used on the surface. The solution to this problem is going to be that you have to maintain the material over the years. Expect to eventually paint the metal roof to refresh the color and correct any visible fading that you see. 

Can Metal Roofs Corrode? 

You may have concerns about corrosion happening to a metal roof. If the roofing material is in good condition and free of scratches, it should not have issues with corrosion. Any time corrosion happens is because water is getting beneath the layer of paint and affecting just the material. It can happen from a deep gouge in the material that caused a weakness in the protective layer. Consider reaching out to a roofing contractor if you notice any signs of corrosion so that the corrosion can be repaired. 

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