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Skylights In A Commercial Roof: How To Make These Work

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Skylights in a commercial building are tricky. At best, you may only be able to cast extra light through the top two floors. However, if your building only has two floors, this will work. There are other ways to get a lot of natural light into the topmost floor of the building if you just want the natural light for executive suites or you want to create a penthouse office. 

Skylights Through the Top Two Floors (or Only Two Floors) 

Skylights are constructed by creating a sort of square or rectangular tunnel down from the roof. Reflective panels are installed along the sides of these "tunnels" so that light coming from above will bounce through the reflective panels and down through the last piece of window glass and into the lowest room possible. If the lights only have two floors to go through, the light can be bounced through the ceilings of both floors and reflected into both areas. 

Creating More Light for Just the Top Floor

The easier plan, but also the one that restricts natural light to just the top floor of the building, is to construct all or a part of the roof using architectural steel beams and panes of glass. The architectural steel beams simultaneously add unique features to your commercial roof while framing all of the panes of glass and holding the glass in place. The sun comes through in all directions all day long, providing light and warmth to the top floor. As an added benefit, you almost never have to worry about pushing the heat from the furnaces on the first floor or basement of the building all the way up to the top floor because the natural light warms the whole floor. 

Talk to Your Contractor About These Two Options

Talking to a commercial roofing contractor about these two options is a good idea. In fact, talking to more than one contractor will give you the best possible idea about which option you should choose, and how to execute your decision. You will not only make the right choice for your building's roof but also find the right contractor for the job you want. It helps to find a contractor that will return if there are any problems with the roofing lights you have chosen in the future and/or a contractor that guaranties their work for many years.

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