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4 Modern Roofing Solutions To Help You Save After Your Roof Replacement Project

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When the time comes to replace asphalt shingles, you are likely looking for ways to save and get the job done. There may also be improvements and repairs that you want to have done during your roof replacement project. Some of the improvements can be energy savings and renewable energy solutions that help you save money long after the work has been done. The following are some of the modern roofing solutions that you will want to consider continuing saving money after your roof has been replaced:

1. Improving Attic Insulation to Reduce Thermal Transfer and Energy Loss

The area of your home where the most energy is lost in the attic. This is due to thermal transfer that causes heat gain in the summertime and heat loss in the winter. If you want to reduce energy loss, adding insulation to the attic of your home is a great improvement to do when replacing your roof. Make sure that all the finished areas of your home have sufficient attic insulation above them to prevent thermal transfer and energy loss that increases utility costs.

2. Roof Decking and Underlayment Improvements for Improved Energy Efficiency

The roof decking of your home may be wood decking boards or OSB plywood, which is not that energy efficient. When you replace the shingles on your home, consider options like an additional layer of energy-efficient roof decking and moisture barrier materials to help reduce energy loss.

3. Energy-Efficient Alternatives to Convention Asphalt Shingles for Roof Replacement

Today, there are many different options for roofing materials to replace your asphalt shingles. When installing a new roof on your home, consider materials for their lifetime guarantee and energy ratings. You may want to have new asphalt shingle alternatives installed to reduce energy loss and improve the appearance of your home. When installing conventional asphalt shingles, architectural or three-dimensional shingles are a good investment for a more durable and energy-efficient roof.

4. Solar Roofing and Renewable Energy Improvements for Roof Replacement Projects

In addition to the roofing materials like shingles, there are also options to add renewable energy to your roof. You can talk to your roofing contractor about installing solar roofing materials where your home gets the most sunlight. In addition to solar shingles, there are also options like solar water heaters and panels that can be integrated into the roof structure when you have a roof replacement done.

With the right roof improvements during your replacement project, you will continue to save money after the work has been done with long term energy savings. If you are ready to replace your roof, contact a roofing contractor and ask them about some of these improvements to help you save after the project has been completed. Visit a site like http://www.affordableroofingfl.net for more information.