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Have You Checked Your Roof Recently? What You Should Be Looking For

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Roofs are often taken for granted. They are there, constantly just overhead, keeping your home dry and warm, until they are not keeping your home dry or warm. To avoid roofing repairs and complications, you should inspect your roof regularly. If you do not know what to look for, you should look for all of the following.

Moss and Algae

​Moss and algae growing on your shingles indicates that there is a lot of moisture and decaying debris on the roof and possibly under the shingles. It means that there is a lot of "food" for moss and algae to bloom, and that leads to more trapped water. The trapped water eventually finds its way under the shingles that have the moss and algae blooms, and then into your ceilings and walls where the moisture creates water damage. If you see this when you climb a ladder to check out the roof, call a roofing contractor right away to resolve this issue and look for potential roof damage.

Peeling, Curling, or Broken Shingles

​This is worse than moss and algae because of the fact that the shingles are there to protect the roof from precipitation. Peeling and curling shingles allow precipitation to get underneath the shingles, which causes some serious water damage problems. Broken shingles expose layers of shingles or roofing materials underneath, subsequently exposing the roof itself. All of the shingles that are showing damage should be replaced as soon as possible.


​Uh-oh. If you can see actual holes in the roof, they could be from animals or from hail damage. Either way, this is definitely not something you can leave alone for any amount of time. A hole, even a small one, in your roof is a recipe for disaster. Everything from insect pests to precipitation and water damage can get through this hole and cause serious damage in a very short time. There is really no patch material you can use to fix this issue temporarily either. It has to be fixed, permanently and professionally and right away.

Loose Gutters, Loose Chimney Bricks

​Gutters take rain and melted ice and snow away from the roof and away from the foundation of your home. They are the last line of defense against water damage in your home. All of your gutters should be firmly and adequately secured. If you have a chimney, look for loose bricks as well. If you notice anything about the chimney that does not look right, get it fixed.

For more information, reach out to a roofing contractor today.