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Why Convert a Flat Roof to a Pitched Roof?

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The process of converting a flat roof to a pitched one is not easy, which is why you may be wondering why you would bother with such a project at all. Well, here are some of the reasons people convert their flat roofs into pitched roofs.

To Fix a Chronically Leaky Roof

Flat roofs are notoriously leaky. This makes sense because the lack of pitch prevents water from flowing off a flat roof as soon as possible as is the case with sloping roofs. The more water stays on the roof, the more it soaks between the roof materials and increases the risk of leaks. Therefore, if you have been struggling with a leaky flat roof for a long time, you may get fed up with it and decide to convert it into a sloped roof.

To Correct a Moisture Trap

Apart from water leaks, flat and low-sloped roofs are also notorious for the moisture and condensation problems they commonly have. This is because the humid air entering the building eventually deposits its moisture on the roof, where it may create mold or rot problems. Don't forget that a flat roof is also more difficult to vent than a sloped roof.

To Reduce the Risk of Water Damage During Remodeling

Some people also opt to convert their flat roofs to pitched roofs to avoid the risk of weather-related damage during roof replacement. For example, if your roof is damaged or worn out and you need to replace it during the rainy season, you run a real risk of exposing your house's contents to water damage. This is because it may rain when the old roof has been torn off but the old one hasn't been installed. However, in converting a flat roof to a sloped roof, you avoid a complete tear off and the risk of water damage associated with it.

To Add Insulation to the Building Envelope

Lastly, it may also make sense to convert a flat roof to a sloped roof to increase the insulation level of the house. This may be beneficial if your home doesn't have efficient insulation, particularly on the roof, and it is losing conditioned or heated air to the outside environment.

Do the above benefits seem like things you would be interested in? If they are, then you should consult a roofing contractor, such as Art Construction OF NW FL LLC, to perform a feasibility study on the roof. That way, you can get a good idea of what your flat roof needs to turn into a pitched one.