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3 Signs Of Major Hail Damage On Your Shingled Roof

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After a large hailstorm rolled through your area, you may be anxious about it causing damage to your home, especially your roof. While you are inspecting your roof after the weather clears, look for the following signs that your shingled roof sustained major hail damage during the storm.

Dents in Your Gutters

Before you even go up on the roof, check your gutters for large dents or cracks. Although the gutters are not part of the actual roof, they do play a key part in the roofing system's job of carrying water away from your house.

Also, if your gutters sustained damage during the storm, this increases the likelihood that your roof was harmed as well. While walking around the exterior perimeter of your home, look for any obvious dents, bumps, and cracks in your gutters.

Cracks and Bruises on the Shingles

Especially if you find any damage to your gutters, the next part of your inspection includes looking at the condition of the shingles. When you inspect the roof, however, stand on the ladder without stepping on the shingles since you do not know what type of hidden damage was done that you could make worse with your weight.

While looking at the shingles, look for obvious cracks. Also, try to see if you can find evidence of bruising, which is caused by the impact of the hailstones on the surfaces of the shingles. If it is present, you will see indentations with spider cracks radiating outward from the center.

Areas of Exposed Underlayment

While you are examining the condition of your shingles, look for any spots where bare plywood is showing. If the hail struck the shingles hard enough, the stones could have broken some of the shingles into several places, causing them to become dislodged and fall off completely.

If you see any areas of exposed underlayment, you need to have your roof inspected and repaired as soon as possible. Without the protection of the shingles, the underlayment will deteriorate very quickly, causing your roof to leak in a short period of time if it is not already leaking.

If you notice any of the above signs while inspecting your home after a hailstorm, your roof has most likely sustained major damage. Contact a roofing contractor like Family Roofing who offers storm damage services as soon as possible so they can examine the roof and discuss options with you for making the necessary repairs before it starts to leak.