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3 Reasons To Consider A Metal Roof For Your Home

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If your home has a "traditional" asphalt shingle roof that is in need of replacement, then you're probably in the process of contacting local roofing companies for quotes. Before you decide to replace your existing roof with the exact same thing, however, it's a good idea to consider some of the other options available to you. These days, for example, metal roofing is becoming an increasingly popular option among homeowners--and for good reason!

It Could Increase the Resale Value of Your Home

If you're thinking about selling your home at any point in the near future, having a relatively new metal roof can be a huge selling point. That's because these roofs are known to stand up to the test of time, meaning they're low maintenance--and today's home buyers are all about low maintenance. Yes, you'll spend a little more on a metal roof than you would on an asphalt shingle roof, but when you factor in the potential increase in your home's resale value (along with other benefits), that extra cost may be more than worth it.

It Could Be the Last Roof You Ever Buy

Even if you don't plan on moving at any point in the near future, a metal roof can be a wise investment for your home. After all, metal is known to be one of the most durable and long-lasting roofing materials available today. When compared to the typical 12-20 years that an asphalt shingle roof usually lasts, a metal roof can easily last several times that long. In this sense, your metal roof could be the last roof you ever need to buy. How nice would that be?

You Might Be Eligible for a Home Insurance Discount

Finally, depending on the specific discounts offered by your home insurance carrier, you might even be able to save money on your home insurance coverage by having a metal roof installed. Because homes with metal roofs have a much smaller risk of filing a claim, many home insurance companies are happy to pass on special discounts to homeowners who can prove they have had this type of roof installed.

As you can see, a metal roof can be a great addition to your home--especially if your existing roof has seen better days. Be sure to obtain at least a few metal roofing quotes from a few local companies to see if this is the right decision for you.