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3 Great Material Options To Consider When Re-Roofing Your Home

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If your roof is in bad shape, it may be time for a replacement. There are many great materials you can consider today as a homeowner. These three in particular should be considered because of the many benefits they provide. 

Standing-Seam Metal

As a homeowner, you shouldn't have to worry about replacing your roof often. In addition to the stress of replacing a roof, these replacements can be costly. You won't have to worry about regular replacements, fortunately, when you opt to install a standing-seam metal roof.

The metal material is designed to last for decades, and the unique seam design helps promote proper drainage during heavy rains. There are a lot of seam styles you can select from as well, including mechanical, symmetrical mechanical, one-piece snap, and two-piece snap. Additionally, maintaining this roof over the years isn't difficult—even if you don't have any roofing experience to draw upon.

Wood Shake Shingle 

If you're looking for a traditional and warm aesthetic to add to your property, you should strongly consider a wood shake shingle roof. Compared to wood shingles, wood shakes are much thicker. They will thus last much longer and not get easily damaged during severe weather storms.

Wood shakes also come in many different tones, which makes it easy to select a color that vibes nicely with other exterior elements of your home. The only thing you have to consider is the extra maintenance these wooden shakes require. Like other types of shingles, you'll need to replace these shakes when they start chipping or curling. 

Clay Tile 

A lot of homeowners are starting to incorporate clay tile onto their roofs. This unique material is often associated with a Spanish or Mediterranean home style, and when installed correctly, it can provide a lot of great benefits.

First and foremost, clay tiles are extremely long lasting. They will not be a victim of rot and are even resistant to fires and pests. You'll thus have an easier time maintaining these tiles over the years. Clay tiles also offer exceptional insulation, which is important for maintaining cold temperatures during the summer and warm temperatures during the winter.

The type of material on your roof shouldn't ever be overlooked. After all, it will dictate the function and aesthetics of your roof for years. Make sure that when you're assessing your material options for a re-roofing project, you think about what style and features will work out best for the long run.