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Time-Tested Tips For Inspecting And Maintaining A Commercial Building's Roof

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To avoid major repair bills for your commercial building's roof, it is important that you stay on top of its inspections and maintenance. By regularly inspecting the roof and maintaining it by fixing any small problems as you find them, you can greatly increase the life of the roof and save your company a lot of money in the process.

Follow these time-tested tips to inspect and maintain your commercial roof

Tip: Walk the Roof and Exterior of Your Building Twice Each Year

Every spring and fall, you should set aside some time to inspect your commercial building's roof. Walk around the entire perimeter and inspect the edge of the roof and rain gutters for damage. Once you have walked the perimeter, then get out a ladder and climb up on the roof and inspect the entire surface. Look at the flat spans of the roof and look at all of the metal flashing to ensure that it is all still adhered in place. If you find any problems, then you can either fix them yourself or have them professionally fixed by a commercial roofing company.

Tip: Reseal Flashing and Loose Shingles Using Roofing Cement

If you discover loose shingles or flashing when you inspect your commercial building's roof, then you can reseal them back down into place using a tube of roofing cement. The roofing cement is applied using a caulking gun. Make sure that you wear a pair of disposable latex gloves so that you don't get any roofing cement on your hands. 

Tip: Trim All Tree Branches that Are Overhanging Your Building's Roof

One of the best things you can do to more easily maintain your building's roof is to trim back all tree branches that are overhanging it. When tree branches rub against the roofing shingles, they cause damage. Additionally, overhanging tree branches drop leaves and the branches themselves can fall down onto the roof in strong winds. A heavy tree branch can do a lot of damage to a building's roof. 

Tip: Enlist the Help of a Professional Roofing Contractor to Rectify Problems You Discover

Finally, if you see any of the signs of roof damage when you are inspecting your commercial building's roof, then you should enlist the help of a professional roofing contractor to fix them. By fixing smaller roofing issues when they first begin, you will always save money over having to make major roofing repairs down the line.