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Four Reasons To Replace Your Roof With An Eco-Friendly Cool Roof

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Whether you're about to have a roof replacement or whether you're planning far into the future, now is a great time to start thinking about whether you'll make the switch to a cool roof and save money and energy over the years. But as a homeowner you may wonder if the advantages of such a roof will make up for the disadvantages of higher-priced materials and having fewer contractors to choose from. Here are four reasons why an eco-friendly cool roof is worth the effort.

1. It's one of the biggest factors of a passive cooling home 

If you have a hot asphalt roof, it can be one of the easiest ways for excess heat to enter your home. In fact, about a third of excess heat accrual throughout the day may come through the roof. So whether you want to take the first step toward having a fully passive cooling system or whether you just want to significantly reduce your AC unit's energy expenditure, this is one of the most effective places to start.

2. It saves not only lots of energy but also lots of money

Reducing the energy needed for cooling means that your AC will need to run less frequently, so it'll cost less per day to keep your house cool. In addition, it'll reduce wear and tear on your unit, which can lengthen its lifespan and may even reduce frequency of repairs, especially if your unit is on the small size for the size of your house. So you'll save money on your cooling bill (often more than 20%) and potentially even more on AC repairs. 

3. It'll save time as well

A cool roof is likely to last longer than a conventional roof for a couple of reasons. One is that cool roofs are often made of longer-lasting materials such as tile or metal, and another is that hotter roofs can deteriorate faster due to thermal shock. So even if you just coat your dark roof with a white cool-roof coating, you may be able to extend its lifespan, meaning you won't have to replace it as often and won't have to spring for repairs and hunt down leaks so frequently. And if you have a high-quality roofing material, you may not have to replace it ever again (some materials, such as slate and copper, can last well over a hundred years).

4. It's great for the environment

In addition to the perk of not putting as many roofs in the landfill, you're offering the environment several other benefits when you choose cool roof options. For example, if you pick a recycled material, you decrease the demand for new roofing materials (which are often made out of non-renewable resources) and the demand for the manufacturing process, which takes lots of energy. And any cool roof will help the environment by reducing your AC energy needs and thus decreasing the amount of greenhouse gas you produce and the amount of non-renewable fossil fuel you burn.

These four reasons show why choosing an eco-friendly roof is worth the initial investment of time and money for your comfort, your home upkeep budget, and the world you live in.