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Is Fiberglass Roofing Right For Your Home?

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There are so many material options for building, and it's common to get confused at choosing between them. Fiberglass is just one option, and you may be considering it for your needs. There are many pros and cons to the use of fiberglass in roofing. Here's a look to see whether it's right for your needs.

How Is Fiberglass Made?

Fiberglass is made up of four different layers. There is a protective mat that is topped with a fiberglass base. The fiberglass helps to reinforce that protective layer from the elements. Roofs deal with the heat and UV rays from the sun, as well as the wind and wet weather conditions. The fiberglass and mat work together to initially protect the woodwork from damage.

On top of these layers is an asphalt layer that offers extra waterproofing protection. On top of this, the roof is protected from UV rays through a ceramic granule layer.

Durable and Fire Protection

One of the biggest benefits is that this type of roofing is durable against all weather conditions. It offers protection from the UV rays and the wet weather. There's even insulation that keeps the home warm, especially loft conversions that tend to suffer during colder months.

There is also fire protection within the roofing. The downside to getting this protection is that the materials aren't completely environmentally friendly.

Lighter but Storm-Proof

If you're in an area where there are frequent storms, this is a type of roofing to seriously consider. The fiberglass is heavy enough to remain stable during excessively windy situations. Many other shingle-material roofs cause excess strain on the roofing structure due to the weight to keep homes protected from the elements.

Cost Effective and Easily Installed

When you're worried about the cost of building and repairing, the fiberglass roofing option is one to look into further. This is one of the least expensive options to purchase, install, and maintain. Do It Yourself gives an average of $11 for a 15x32 inch sheet of fiberglass insulation to give you an idea of cost.

It's also very easy to install to the home. The sheets are cut to your required lengths, and you can even buy pre-sized options when necessary. You can quite easily cut the roofing to your required size. Just take your time placing it on the structure of your home, as it needs to be placed exactly to protect the whole structure.

The downside is for those who worry about their health. The fibers within the glass can cause skin irritation and breathing problems. This is more of an issue during installation while cutting and resizing, which is a reason to hire a roofing contractor. Once it is fully installed, it will cause no ongoing issues.

Is fiberglass roofing the best option for you? Think about where you live and what you want to achieve with your roofing.