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Creative Green Roofing Options For Your Business

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Having access to trees and grass in a city can be considered a premium for a business, but it doesn't have to be. With the typical commercial roof being flat, it opens your options to creative green commercial roofing ideas to bring green benefits to your business.

Turn Your Roof Into A Park or Garden

A rooftop can be transformed from a place that is never visited to one that is a beautiful escape for employees with flowers and grass. You can even grow vegetables to have a sense of community, and gives people a small break from their jobs to help grow healthy food they can enjoy. In addition, having greenery helps digest nearby emissions in a city caused by vehicles, making the air cleaner for those in the area.

If you have a larger roof that is sturdy, you can even transform it into a place for employees to exercise. Adding a running track will be a great addition that really helps make your business stand out from the rest. Making the rooftop a destination for employees will make it a great escape when in the city.

Replace The Asphalt With Vegetation

Even if you do not want to make a roof a destination, consider pulling up those asphalt shingles and replacing it with dirt, turf, and vegetation. You could use sod as a green alternative because it is cheap and easy to have installed.

Using this as an alternative roofing material will be great for several reasons. Since asphalt will draw the heat towards a roof because of its black color, it will make the roof very hot. Having vegetation and dirt will actually cool the rooftop naturally, which reduces your overall energy costs.

In addition, green roofs help decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the air due to the plants that consume it. It helps contribute to having a cooler city since plants help keep everything cool by using sunlight for photosynthesis. It also puts less strain on a city's sewer system since the rainwater is utilized by the roof instead of draining it away from the property and into the sewers.

If you think that having a green roof sounds appealing to your business, contact a roofing contractor in the area for a consultation. They can let you know how much it would cost to have a green roof installed that works for the rooftop of your business.