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How To Find Roof Leaks And Prevent Serious Water Damage And Costly Repairs

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Asphalt shingle roofs are the most affordable choice to roof a home, but they can also be a problem when it comes to leaks. If you neglect repairing a leak, it can lead to headaches with water damage or even mold in your home. This is why it is important to be able to find any potential leaks and repair the problems before they become very costly. Here are some things you can do to find potential leaks and stop them ahead of time:

1. Use A Garden Hose To Follow The Water Trail To Find A Leak

It is sometimes hard to identify a leak and get to the source of the problem. Sometimes it may be literally like looking for a needle in a hay stack if it is a nail hole in the roofing. To find the smallest types of leaks on your roof, use a garden hose. Start by spraying water at the top of the roof and watch where it flows. If you see the water disappear before it reaches the bottom, this is likely the source of your leak and may require further inspection.

2. Take a Look In The Attic To Find Signs Of Moisture And Rotten Wood

Once you know where a leak is, take a look in the attic to find the source of the problem. There may also be signs of other leaks that need to be repaired. You want to pay attention of signs of moisture, such as mildew and rotten wood. Sometimes, this can be hidden in insulation, which may be black and dingy color due to mold and mildew. Nearby wood may also be rotten and will probably also need to be repaired when the leak is fixed.

3. Look For Watermarks On The Ceiling And Walls Where Water May Be Coming  In

Sometimes, the water leak may only be a small drip down wood framing and to a specific area of your home. This can often be seen when there are watermarks on the ceilings or walls. Look for signs that water is getting into your home where there are spots of darker colors on the paint, which is a watermark. In addition, watch for these problems to return after you have painted because this can be a sign that there is still a leak problem that needs to be addressed.

Catching leaks in time and fixing your roof can help reduce repair costs, but may still leave problems unaddressed. If you have found and repaired leaks on your roof, you may still want to contact a professional roofing contractor and have them inspect your roof and recommend any maintenance and repairs that still may need to be done. Contact a business that offers roofing repair for more information.