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4 Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

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All too often, homeowners overlook the condition of their roof, which is a problem because if there is a small sign that it needs repairs, you are looking at a larger problem developing in the new future. You should be able to point out repairs that are needed right away so that you can avoid having to deal with larger and more costly repairs. Here are four signs that your shingle roof needs repair:

  1. Curling Shingles: The shingles on your roof curl over time because of normal wear and tear and because of exposure to heat. A few curled shingles can easily be fixed by replacing the shingles. Doing this is important because if you leave the curled shingles, they can easily be torn off due to high winds. If you have many curled shingles on your roof, it's a sign that your roof is getting old and you should have it replaced.
  2. Missing Granules: Missing granules are a sign of age, but it can also be due to exposure to a lot of water. In either case, you don't want to leave these spots bare because this leaves the shingle exposed to the heat even more, which can cause it to decay. On top of this, these areas are prone to forming leaks that can cause water damage to your home. If you have many areas with missing granules, replace your roof. However, if there are only a few spots, you can replace the shingles and try and fix the way in which water is drained from your roof.
  3. Missing Shingles: Missing shingles need to be replaced immediately. Otherwise, it leaves a great entry point for water to make its way into your home.The water will also sit in this area and cause damage to the surrounding shingles, as well.
  4. Lifted Flashings:  The flashings are the protective part of the roof that surround the chimney, skylight, and other structures on the roof. If the flashings are lifted at all from their location, they aren't going to protect your home from being exposed to water. Water will make its way into the cracks, so be sure to replace the flashings if you notice that it is lifted. You should also recaulk these areas if the caulk appears to be dried out or cracked. 

When you are able to recognize these four signs that your shingle roof needs repairs, you can be sure that you avoid major problems down the road and keep your roofing system in place for a longer period of time. Contact a local roofing company, like Select Exteriors or a similar location, for more tips and info.