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Preparing Your Home For Winter

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When the winter months are approaching, you want to do your best to protect your home from the damages that can come with freezing temperatures. This means providing the main systems in your home with proper maintenance. This article will educate you on the things that you should be doing to your plumbing, HVAC and roofing to ensure your home is ready for the winter season.

Preparing your plumbing

You want to detach and coil up any garden hoses, putting them up for safe keeping. Otherwise, they will become frozen and damaged being left out in the yard during those cold spells. Also, turn off your sprinkler system and drain it before the cold weather comes. Have your plumbing insulated, if it hasn't been already. This will help to decrease the odds of you dealing with frozen and bursting pipes.

Another way you can go about preventing frozen pipes around your house is to make sure you have it heated during freezing weather, even during those times when you aren't going to be home to enjoy the warm house. Open up the cupboards where plumbing pipes are so that warm weather can get to them.

Preparing your HVAC system

Making sure that your HVAC system is okay during the winter months is very easy, but it is definitely something you don't want to overlook. Find your compressor that's located outside the home and make sure that the area around it is clean and free of trash, weeds or anything else. Look above the compressor; it should be protected from anything that may damage it in the cold weather. This means, tree branches that hang over it should be trimmed if they can pose a risk if they break and fall on it.

Preparing the roof

Go around the exterior of your home and check the roof. If you can't see the roof from the ground then you or someone better suited for the task should get on a ladder and check it out. Make sure there are no broken or missing shingles. If there are, call out a roofer to immediately correct the problem before weather becomes an issue.

Keep your rain gutters cleared out by removing any twigs, leaves and anything else that may be trapped in them. This way, the rain water can move freely through the gutters and get properly removed from the roof. Consider sprinkling salt on any areas of the roof where you are concerned about ice dams, before an expected snowfall arrives.

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