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Ask These Three Questions Before You Hire A Roofing Contractor

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A roof that needs repair or replacement is best entrusted to a licensed roofing contractor. Not only is the job dangerous for the amateur to tackle on his or her own, but failing to complete the work properly can also lead to significant expenses in the future. It's conventional to talk to a few roofing contractors and obtain quotes for your job. During this process, you'll likely ask about the contractor's license, experience with similar jobs and even for some references. Don't choose your contractor before you cover some additional topics, including these three.

Who Handles Removal of All the Waste From the Job?

Most roofing jobs will involve some degree of waste, but if the contractor is completely replacing your roof, there will be several square yards of old tiles and sheeting that requires disposal. It's important to determine whether the roofing contractor will remove this waste and whether doing so is included in your quote. It's conventional for contractors to offer this service, thereby ensuring that your yard is clean and tidy by the time they depart, but you should never assume this work will be included. If the contractor doesn't include waste removal in the quote, you'll need to figure out how to remove it yourself.

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

Reputable roofing contractors offer warranties for their work, but you can protect yourself by ensuring you have a full understanding of what the warrant covers. Ideally, it should include both the parts and the labor for any future work. The latter is especially important to confirm; if there's a problem with your roof before the warranty runs out, you want to be sure that the repair work will be completed free of charge. It's a good practice, additionally, to always ask for a detailed breakdown of the warranty in writing before you hire the roofing contractor.

What Will You Do to Protect My Gutters?

A professional roofing contractor should go to considerable lengths to ensure that the gutters that line the roof of your home aren't damaged. When you ask this question, you should expect to hear some strategies such as using a specialized ladder mount to ensure the weight of the ladder rests on your roof, not on the edge of your gutters. In larger jobs, some contractors will even work with a gutter contractor to remove the gutter and then reinstall it later. A clear answer to this question should help you choose the right roofing contractor to hire.