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How To Properly Cut Rolled Roofing Material

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There are multiple ways you can purchase roofing material; you can purchase individual shingles or you can purchase rolls of roofing material with the shingles attached. If you decide to use rolled roofing material, you may want to cut it before you take it up to your roof in order to make it more manageable.

Needed Materials

In addition to the role of asphalt roofing material, you are going to need a hook-blade utility knife, a tape measure and a large sheet of plywood in order to cut the roofing material.

Length Of The Cut

One of the advantages of using rolled roofing material is that you can lay down large sections without having to worry about any gaps in between the material. When you cut the roofing material, you want to cut it into sections that are long enough that you can still enough the advantages of using rolled roofing material, but small enough that you can also handle the material while on top of the roof.

As long as you have someone working with you, you should be able to handle anywhere from twelve to fifteen feet of material. With additional assistance, you can handle a longer length of roofing material. You will also want to measure your roof; depending on the length of each side of your roof, you may be able to create sheets of roofing material that will run the entire length of your roof.

Cutting The Rolled Roofing Material

First off, you need to lay down a piece of plywood on the ground. Then, unroll the roofing material on top of the layer of plywood. The plywood protects the roofing material from any dirt on the ground and protects the sticky coating on the backside of the roofing material from becoming compromised. The plywood also functions as a giant cutting board.

Once the roofing material is stretched out on the plywood, use your measuring tape to measure out the length of material that you determined you needed. In order to mark where you need to cut, use your hook-blade utility knife to make a small notch at the appropriate length.

Then, take your hook-blade utility knife, and starting where the notch is, pull straight across to cut off a section of the roofing material. Once you have cut the section, roll it back up. This will make it easier to transport to your roof.

Make sure you measure your roof more than once to ensure that your measurements are accurate. When it is time to cut the roofing material, check your measurements at least twice as you are working before you make a cut; once you cut the material, you can't go back and undo it. Finally, make sure you cut the roofing material in a warm environment. If you cut the roofing material when it is freezing or near-freezing, the material could crack. Contact a roofing company, like Lengacher Roofing, if you need help.