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5 Early Warning Signs Your Roof May Develop A Leak

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Many people wrongly assume that they can't do anything to prevent their roof from leaking. However, your roof generally gives you a few warnings before it starts to leak. Here are five early warning signs you need to look for this summer to make sure that your roof does not develop a leak. If you notice or spot any of these signs on your roof or in your home, you need to call a roofing contractor to come in and assist you right away.

Plant Growth On Your Roof

Small plants such as mold, algae, lichen and fungus should not be able to grow on your roof if your roof is in prime shape. These types of organisms are able to grow on your roof when moisture has been able to accumulate below your shingles. The presences of these plants and organisms indicate that the layer of your roof under your shingles has become compromised.

Missing Or Damaged Shingles

Your shingles are your best defense against leaks. When your shingles become damaged and start to curl up and buckle, or when your shingles blow off your roof, the integrity of your roof is compromised.

If you replace missing or damaged singles right away, you can prevent a leak from developing and the problem from growing. However, if you wait a long time to replace the compromised shingles, you could potentially face even larger roofing issues.

Damage To The Flashing On Your Roof

The shingles that go around your chimney, skylights, air vents and pipes looks a little different than the other shingles on your roof. Those shingles are called flashing, and they are one of the more vulnerable parts of your roof. When the flashing on your roof is damaged, water can easily get in around those openings, allowing mold to grow and leaks to develop.

Water Or Damp Spots In Your Attic

You should also check your attic or crawlspace out at least once or twice a year after a big rainstorm and make sure that there is not any water inside or wet spots. If you find water or moist spots, that is generally a good sign that your shingles or the wood that comprises your roof has become compromised.

Water Spots Inside Your Home

Finally, if you find water spots inside of your home, your roof is already leaking water through your attic or crawl space all the way down into your home. Luckily, the leak is not so bad that your roof has caved in yet. However, the problem needs to be addressed immediately.

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