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Securing A Tarp on A Leaky Roof

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For one reason or another, you may have a leaking roof. Sometimes, it can be difficult to get the leaks repaired on your roof. As a temporary solution, adding a tarp to your roof can help keep the water out of your home and prevent more extensive damage. But, first you will want to find the leaks and then add the tarp. Here are some tips to help you find the leaks on your roof and cover them temporarily with a tarp:

1. Finding Signs Of Leaks And Roof Damage

There are many different signs of roof damage. It can be caused by things like rotten shingles, nails and storm damage. Look for weak areas of the roof and mark them with chalk. If you find exposed nails, mark them and cover them with a tarp too. Torn and missing shingles will also need to be covered to prevent roof leaks while waiting on repairs.

2. Preparing To Get On The Roof To Install Tarp

You will also want to prepare to put a tarp on your roof. You will want to use a tarp that covers the square footage of the areas you need to cover. If there is more than one area, use several tarps for different sections. Roll the tarp like you would a sleeping bag, so you will be able to roll it down the roof when you get it in place.

3. Walking On The Roof And Putting Tarp In Place

When you get on the roof, use all the recommended safety precautions. Do not step on damaged roof areas or loose shingles. You will want to put the tarp in place above the area where the leaks are. Unfold the tarp and roll it down the slope of the roof. If the tarp does not roll all the way down, use a pole as an aid to get it in place.

4. Fastening Tarp Down To The Roof To Prevent Leaks

Fasten the tarp down with boards on the top and bottom. When nailing the boards down, lift the tabs of shingles so they are resting over the areas where fasteners are, and screw or nail the boards in place. When you have the tarp securely fastened, make sure the tabs are resting over the nails you put in the boards. This will prevent leaks where you nail the tarp on the roof. This is just a temporary repair to help prevent leaks if you have to wait for a roofer to get to your home. If you have leaks around nails, you can add a strip of construction plastic on the boards to cover any nail holes.

Your leaking roof does not have to make your home like living in the rainforest while waiting on repairs. Follow these tips to tarp your roof and stay dry, but remember be careful. If you need help with rood repairs, contact a professional roofing contractor, like B & J Roofing, to get help with getting your roof fixed.