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The Advantages Of Greenhouse Roofs

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Greenhouse roofs, sometimes called green or living roofs, are special roofs that are made up of a waterproof membrane with special installations that allow plants to grow on your roof. Due to their organic nature, greenhouse roofs carry a number of advantages over traditional roofing materials, and can provide your home with a truly unique aesthetic while at the same time satisfying your practical roofing needs.

While the following advantages apply to all greenhouse roofs, each roof will differ in their characteristics due to different amounts and types of plant growth, as well as different climate conditions and roof sizes.

  • Sustainability: Greenhouse roofs change a traditionally unused space into a living ecosystem, providing a habitat for local insects and animals. Greenhouse roofs also improve air quality, and can help filter out pollutants in the air around your home.
  • Noise Reduction: Greenhouse roofs are much denser than normal roofs, due to the increased mass of the plants that grow on them. This means that they are much better at reducing the amount of noise that filters into your home through the roof, which can be a significant factor if you live under a flight path or near a highway.
  • Insulation: On the same note of noise reduction, the increased mass of greenhouse roofs can insulate your home in both winter and summer months, helping cut down on your energy bills in the long run.
  • Long Lifespans: Greenhouse roofs are renewable, as new plants can be planted as old ones die off. The plants also absorb the majority of weather effects, which means that the roof itself is not worn away as quickly. Greenhouse roofs last much longer than traditional asphalt shingled roofs.
  • Fire Safety: As plants carry a great deal of water inside of them, they can help reduce the risk of fire, or simply slow the spread of fire so that the fire can be stopped before it severely damages your home.
  • Leak Prevention: Since plants absorb large amounts of water, they can help prevent leaks or water damage to your roof during periods of heavy rainfall. This is especially relevant to areas with tropical climates. By absorbing water that falls on your home, greenhouse roofs can also increase the lifespan of your storm gutter system and prevent flooding in your yard.
  • Aesthetics: Greenhouse roofs are fairly rare, and as such installing one on your roof will provide your house with a truly unique, all natural look that cannot be compared to. To the right buyer, this can increase the value of your home and pay dividends in the long run if you ever decide to sell your house.

To find out if your roof could be transformed into a greenhouse roof, talk to a roofing contractor from a company like Damphousse Roofing LLP.