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4 Ways To Green A Commercial Roof

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Are you looking for ways to green your company's roof? Corporate green initiatives are a wonderful way to reach out to a community and show them that your business cares about improving the environment. A green roof is one of many ways that you can visibly and substantially reduce energy use. 

1. Install Solar Panels

Solar panels can be used to provide a portion of a commercial building's energy needs. Many commercial roofing applications, such as low slope installations, are perfect for solar panels because they provide a flat, even surface that is always exposed to light (unlike residential solar panels, which can sometimes be blocked off as the sun moves across the sky). Many companies will be able to claim either a tax credit or tax deduction for their installation.

2. Use Green Surfaces

Depending on the location the building is in, reflective surfaces or dark surfaces can be used to reduce energy consumption. In areas where it is warm, reflective surfaces can be used to reflect light rather than absorbing it, thereby keeping the building cooler. In areas where it is cold, dark surfaces can be used to transfer energy to the interior of the property, keeping it warmer.

3. Put in Skylights

Skylights offer natural illumination for a commercial building. There are special skylights -- such as prismatic skylights -- that enhance the amount of light that is passed through, thereby greatly reducing the energy cost of the building. Skylights are a great selling point to a commercial space and can even improve employee productivity and health by providing natural rather than artificial light. 

4. Create a Living Roof

Living roofs are roofs that have a garden, collect water for a garden or do both. Living roofs must be designed properly so that the weight is evenly distributed across the roof and so that water does not damage the roof. Living roofs are very popular for commercial roofing installations in urban environments, as they allow the company to create a greener appearance within the community.

Apart from the roof itself, you can also green your building by adding insulation to the roof and the surrounding areas. Additional insulation will make it easier to keep your office at the correct temperature, thereby greatly reducing associated energy costs. A green roof will save your business money over time and will show both customers and investors that your company takes corporate responsibility seriously. (For more information, contact All American Roofing Incorporated or another company)