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Taking Care Of Your Metal Roof

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Metal roofing has become popular because of its look and durability. You can expect to get from 40 to 60 years of life from a metal roof, says the Metal Roof Alliance. Here is how to take care of your roof to keep it in good shape for its maximum lifespan.

1. Don't Stand on the Roof

If you must work on the roof, be careful where you stand. Walk only on the joists and wherever there is a horizontal support structure or purlin. Your metal roof is thinner than asphalt or wood shingles and the metal panels will dent and bend.

2. Keep Debris Off the Roof

Whenever you notice tree branches, leaves or other debris on your metal roof, sweep or blow it off before water can collect and stand on the roof. Do an annual power washing of the roof to keep it in good shape.

3. Keep Different Metals Separate

Make sure that pieces of metal that are a different composition don't touch each other. When some metals contact each other, a reaction can cause corrosion. For example, a windstorm could bend an aluminum gutter up onto a copper roof. Copper and aluminum don't mix. Copper and galvanized steel can create corrosion, too.

4. Keep Connectors Tight

If you see any screws that have worked up out of the subroof, screw them back down before water gets under the metal sheets. Replace any missing screws with materials compatible with the roof. As mentioned above, different metals can react, so don't use galvanized steel screws with your copper roof.

5. Replace Loose or Worn Out Sealant

A weatherproof sealant is used at the edges and seams of your metal roof. Inspect these areas for signs of gaps or loose sealant. This sealant comes in a tube for use in a caulking gun and you can fill in the spaces yourself. Or have a roofing contractor come out to do an overall inspection and fill in the sealant gaps.

6. Touch Up the Paint and Prevent Rust

If paint has been rubbed off by heavy winds or branches hitting the roof, have a roofer repaint the area as soon as they can. The paint prevents rust from starting on your roof, weakening the metal panels.

7. Patch Any Holes, No Matter How Small

Contact roofing contractors such as Skywalker Roofing to repair any holes in the metal panels. Even the smallest hole will let water in and under the metal. Rust could start under the sheet and continue until it works its way up through the surface.

Keep your roof clean and inspect it every year. A little bit of attention paid to your metal roof will keep it in good shape for many years.